Rethink. Reimagine. Realign.

Creating working partnerships with leaders to facilitate growth. 

Sound Leadership is the culmination of my decades of work in both the performing arts and in corporate life, living on both coasts and developing leaders around the world.

I work with senior leaders to think through challenges and adopt a new approach.  

With a focus on simplicity and clarity, I facilitate the process of team effectiveness. 

I  welcome the opportunity to explore how we might work together.

                                                                        Liz Keever - Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

Executive Coaching

  • Influence Perceptions
  • Transform Leadership Style
  • Develop Stronger Relationships
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Strategic Facilitation

  • Create Safe Conflict
  • Articulate Culture 
  • Build Engagement
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Team Effectiveness

  • Discover New Perspectives
  • Breakdown Siloes
  • Ideate and Innovate
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