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How to be a Hit at your Next Networking Event

It’s schmoozing time! Freshly poured wine in hand, you face a room full of people you’ve never met. It’s noisy and everyone seems to be engaged in conversation.   Scanning the room for anyone you might know (even the slightest bit), you realize there’ll be no safe harbor. You’ll need to jump into a sea of…

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Don’t be Late! Seriously, don’t be.

Of all the things that we’re willing to waste, I think for most of us, time is near the bottom of the list. So why do we waste other people’s time? Recently, I waited outside for a fellow professional – for 20 minutes. When she arrived, she muttered a half-hearted apology. Wow, after 20 minutes…

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Never be Thrown Under the Bus

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a bus! …and it might be coming your way. To be “thrown under the bus” is a phrase so commonly used it seems that we don’t even question it. It’s part of our daily conversations and that means it’s part of our thought process.  What we’re talking about is…

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