Distance learning

A Vision for Learning: Four Tips to Create It

We often ask children “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  We presume that children have a vision for their future.  In fact, we expect them to!  As children know, to attain your vision — you’ll need to learn.  Aspiring to a hoped-for future state, means learning, stretching and reaching for it. We…

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Learning for Leaders: Guide don’t Train

The term “training” always gets my back to stiffen up.  Here’s why:  “training” is what the instructor does.  Learning is what the learner does.  The definition of successful workplace  learning starts with learners actually learning — not  just an instructor in front of the room talking. That means that leaders must demonstrate initiative for their…

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Virtual Learning for Leaders

Yes indeed, virtual learning for leaders can be done!  Not a webinar, not just blended learning, not e-learning modules — but a hybrid of coaching, group work, learning partners and reflective practice.  All of those are complimented by videos and Podcasts — and that is what we call a Guided Learning Experience. Training Journal has published my article…

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