Coaching Cultures

Coaching Cultures

Coaching has evolved and it's not just for professional coaches.  We now understand that individuals work within a system and that we need to take a holistic view to the development of talent.  Any leader can learn to coach their team.  Coaching releases potential in individuals and teams -- and isn't that what leadership is about? 

While working as an internal executive coach, I successfully trained and developed an internal coaching team for a Fortune 50 company.  We tripled the size of the coaching team in a few years and gained global attention in Training Magazine for the ROI of internal coaching.

My work in the development of an enterprise-wide Leader as Coach initiative created a tool that enabled leaders to give meaningful feedback.  My development of a coaching mindset and skills in leaders was credited as part of a significant reduction in turnover.   That was work any enterprise can do to build engagement; higher retention and ultimately business results. 

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“Liz was truly entertaining…she is a dynamic and delightful speaker with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.”

- Independent Business Women’s Circle – NY