Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Relationships are everything to a leader.  There is no leader without a follower.  Followers make the choice to follow -- not to simply comply.  My role is to help leaders create followers and more leaders.  

We can work together in various ways:  

Discovery - Let's see how you are perceived by others by gathering perspectives from colleagues.  I conduct confidential interviews with 6 to 12 colleagues.  I summarize their comments and identify patterns or trends then share it with you - and you only.  From that data, you can determine your next steps.  

Assessment -  As a certified practitioner in various personality assessments, I can give you insight into your style and your "go to" responses.  Some of those may serve you and others may not.  

Month-to-Month -  We work together without a commitment beyond one month.  You may continue for many months and skip a month or much more anytime you feel the need.  

In-Residence - I will visit your site twice a month for 4 to 8 hours and provide as-needed services such as coaching; training; organizational consulting.  

Onboarding - Starting a new role is a critical time for a leader.  My job is to ensure that are set up for success by building the right relationships, focusing on priorities and putting quick wins on the board.

Leadership lift - Elevating your style to be more strategic and inspirational can be a need for high-performers who anticipate a promotion or for leaders who have just gotten stuck.  

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"Highly recommend Liz's executive presentation skills coaching. The one-on-one attention is a must for taking full advantage of how Liz can customize techniques and best practices that best suit your personality and profession. I have seen great results from Liz's efforts. They have given me a new found confidence to present and lead meetings and she left me with many things to practice on my own so that i can continue to grow. Highly recommend."

- IBM Competitive Strategy Principal