Team Development

Team Development

Developing a high-performing team is a leader's job.  There is no leadership without followers.  A leader must create safety for all team members by balancing vulnerability and credibility.  

My approach starts by ensuring that the team is clear on its purpose and vision.  Leaders must answer the questions "What are we doing?" and "Where are we headed?"  A high-performing team also knows what to expect of each other.  Answering the question "How will we be with each other?" establishes role clarity and team norms.  With those questions answered, the team can move quickly to achieve a level of success beyond expectations. 

My experience in leadership development workshops has emphasized emotional intelligence through storytelling and strong interpersonal communication skills.  When a leader is trusted, great things are possible.  

We may start with remote learning (through individual needs assessment, video webinar, pre-work or phone coaching) then engaged in an in-person workshop to apply skills and receive coaching.  

Sustainability is critical to team success.  My approach offers continued support to ensure that new beliefs and behaviors are reinforced and become part of the new normal.

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