Liz Keever

Notable client achievements through coaching:

  • Transformed a rigid CEO of a global organization into an inspirational speaker for a global tour of in-person town hall meetings at a time of crisis for the organization.
  • Elevated the leadership style of a Chief Actuary to inspire innovation rather than be in the “weeds.”
  • Implemented teambuilding policies and procedures for a new CIO in a 14-facility hospital undergoing major changes to electronic medical record systems.
  • Developed a high-potential Principal into a valued partner in a national consulting firm
  • Created an onboarding strategy for the Director of Risk Management of a global non-profit company that included a break-through presentation to the board.
  • Developed collaborative leadership style for a General Manager at a global non-profit to build strategic partnerships with local businesses.
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Examples of Coaching Assignments

Client:  CEO of a global shipping company

The Need:  The CEO needed to tour the Americas doing in-person town hall meetings.  The company was undergoing lay-offs and significant change.  The CEO was not inspiring the organization to pull together during the time of crisis.

Result:  The CEO learned how to capture the hearts of listeners with stories and to build an inspiring message that would unite the organization.  He also learned communication techniques to be more likeable and approachable by his audiences.


Client:  CIO of a 14-facility hospital

The Need:  The Chief Information Officer joined the large hospital to reform the IT systems.  He needed to build a strong team that could steer the organization through major changes to the electronic medical records (EMR) and IT systems.

Result:  Through identification of many examples of previous ineffective team behavior along with substitution of new processes and behaviors, the new CIO was able to create a strong and engaged team of IT professionals and compliance with new EMR procedures in the facilities.   


Client:  Chief Compliance Officer of a Fortune 50 health insurer

The Need:  The insurer needed a strong compliance function to meet government requirements.  The team was struggling due to the style of leadership.  There was tension and dysfunction that left the team wasting time and effort.

Result:  After many stakeholder interviews, a team offsite and leadership coaching, we identified values and behaviors of the leader and his team.  Our work began by developing emotional intelligence.  We rebuilt trust by addressing failures directly and creating team contracts to gain commitment for change.  The leader realized that calm, consistency and clarity were the foundation of a thriving team.


Client:   Executive Director of Marketing for a national telecommunications company

The Need:  The company created a new division to unite marketing functions of two subsidiaries.  The subsidiaries functioned as two different business entities and had created two different corporate cultures.  The Executive Director led a team comprised of individuals from each subsidiary, all of whom where older than she and needed to create a unified team.

Result:  The client identified her leadership values and behaviors to embody them.  That was the foundation for creating trust and collaboration.  She came to understand a new paradigm for leadership that would build strong relationships and leverage the various strengths of team members.


Client:  Director of Risk Management for a global non-profit company

The Need:  The Director was in a new role for the organization.  The investment team was not familiar with sophisticated risk management tools.  The new Director needed to assume a new role on the team and become a valued contributor to a solid team.  A proper onboarding strategy had not been implemented so the first 12 months of the team’s existence was fraught with challenges to each other’s roles and decision-making authority.

Result:  We worked with stakeholders to gain support and drive role definition.  Our coaching work together identified specific behaviors to adopt that would help integrate her role into the team as well as to help her collaborate and create value to the team. She also made a very successful presentation to the board that helped unify the team and gain the full support of senior leaders.

Client:   Competitive Strategy Principal of a global services organization

The Need:  The Company completed a major reorganization that put researchers in the same division as marketers to create better decision-making.  Successful working relationships needed to be developed between senior marketers and market strategists.  The client was highly detailed-oriented and introverted.

Result:  After a 360 assessment, MBTI assessment and shadowing, we worked together to create a communication style that worked for marketers.  We did that by listening to other successful communicators in marketing, identifying specific techniques and audio-recorded role-plays.  He was promoted to lead the team of strategists within the year.


Client:  Principal of a national consulting firm

The Need:  The client was a tenured leader and valued for her intelligence and collaborative style and yet was quite introverted.  The consultancy wanted to promote her to Partner but needed to develop her ability to bring business into the firm.  Before making the promotion, they wanted her to demonstrate her ability to sell services and grow client relationships. 

Result:  We created a scorecard of effective business development behaviors and identified how her strengths as a collaborator could be applied to business development.  We also identified her core values and how they could be honored and embodied as she developed business for the firm.   She was promoted to Partner and has become a leader in the firm. 


Client:  Vice President of a global insurance company

The Need:  The client was a VP on a team of Senior Vice Presidents.  Although he was tenured with the organization, his credibility was undermined by his humorous style with is colleagues and his boss.  He was not trusted and respected by the SVP’s because of his inability to tie his vision to the strategic goals of the business.

Result:  We identified how his goals will be met by adopting a more serious and therefore credible style with his colleagues.  We worked to develop his ability to flex that style for the situation as we retained his authenticity.  We also identified and worked to embody skills that would help him tie his vision to the concerns of the SVP’s.


Client:  General Manager of global Non-Governmental Organization   

The Need:  The General Manager led the office of a global NGO that needed to create strategic partnerships with local businesses in order to be successful.  His style of leadership was not collaborative and made it difficult to create strong working relationships. 

Result:  Through work on interpersonal communication skills, we identified specific behaviors that would enable trusting relationships to grow.  We developed those skills through his reflection, our conversations and videotaped role-plays.  We also built presentation skills that would foster teambuilding and inspire a shared vision.