Real Reviews from Real Clients

"Liz is high-caliber executive leadership coach who is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to accomplishing collective objectives. Liz and members of my field HR team partnered on an on-going basis to ensure that our executive leadership development goals were consistently met, particularly with respect to change initiatives. This was arguably one of the most challenging responsibilities that we collectively faced. Liz always had a tremendous amount of practical knowledge to pull from and was willing to share this; often times providing clear, concise guidance when tackling situations that were in constant flux. As a colleague, she brought a plethora of skills, ideas, and knowledge to the table in order to facilitate and drive solutions that generally yielded significant impact.”

-Chief Strategy Officer – Anthem

"I was fortunate to have Liz as my executive coach thru Macy’s leadership program. Liz has strong business acumen, organizational knowledge and emotional intelligence. She had a vested interest in helping me grow and develop my team and was flexible to pivot our coaching strategy to real time challenges. Liz is tactful but truthful with her advice and this approach helped me navigate several opportunities successfully. Thank you, Liz, for your support to grow Macy’s leaders!”

-VP with Macys

"Liz is a powerhouse! She is skilled at speaking the truth with equal parts candor and empathy — a rare trait. She has a way of being exceptionally "present.”

-CEO – Founder Talkler Labs

"Great engagement with audience, very informative, made it very comfortable for everyone to participate. Great in every way, the best ever! "

-International Association of Business Communicators Conference

"Liz quickly earned the trust and confidence of each member of the team. Liz’s dedication to the success of this program was notable and very much appreciated. She is genuine, dedicated and very much a team player."

-Executive Director – Ernst & Young

"Liz helped me create a speech that was innovative, flexible and suited to me. Liz focuses on making a very clear message that is kept upfront through the speech so it is clear and concise. Liz is patient, clear, creative and makes the process interesting and fun!"

-Director of Clothing – Ermenegildo Zegna

"Liz has a very genuine style and a natural ability to connect with individuals and groups quickly and effectively. Her wealth of knowledge is invaluable as it is coupled with an ability to break down complex ideas and strategies into actionable recommendations."

-Senior Strategic Relationship Manager – Harvard Business Publishing

"Liz is an excellent facilitator of strategic planning sessions. She clearly communicates the process to follow and the objectives to meet, as well as what topics/conversations are in and out of scope. She strikes an excellent balance between permitting valuable digressions and keeping the conversations on track. She is particularly good at identifying assumptions that need challenging and concepts that need further refinement. Our time with her was very productive and I would unhesitatingly recommend her to others.”

-Director & Co-Founder – Techumen

"Liz has been an incredibly insightful, creative, pragmatic, and generous person in my corner, helping to analyze issues and brainstorm solutions.  ...I could not imagine having made the progress we have without having had her support. We have covered organizational, management, and cultural issues, and she has helped me weave multiple goals into clear action steps."

Vice President -- Anthem Inc.

"Liz demonstrates high standards in coaching skills and works individually and collectively to enhance coaching effectiveness. She's an exceptional teacher and mentor in this field."

-CHRO – Rockefeller Foundation

"There is no better coach than Liz! We wouldn't be where we are with the coaching program at Anthem without Liz's expertise and vision. Her passion and commitment to making our internal coaching team the best has been inspirational to all who have been a part of the journey."

-Executive Talent Program Director -- Anthem Inc.

“I have truly treasured my time with Liz as she led me to the next level of leadership. My former boss told me I can’t get there by doing what got me here… but that didn’t help me understand what I had to do next… but Liz did – she helped me understand in tangible terms what I needed to do and think about to help elevate me and my team. Liz helped me become a better leader instead of just a manager and my team is more cohesive because of that. My entire team has undergone a transformation to be the best that we could be because of how Liz coached me through this process. While Liz has helped improve my corporate life tremendously, she also had an impact on my personal life as well. She helped me see a way through the corporate pressures and find some better work life balance, which was a major plus to the coaching engagement.”

- VP and Chief Actuary – Anthem

"Liz was fantastic! Liz was so connected and so invested. Some of her suggestions sounded uncomfortable, at first, but they worked!"

- Big Data Product Marketing Manager – IBM

"I hired Liz to begin a process of leadership development for our senior team. This was no cookie-cutter approach; she took considerable time and great care in developing a program that would resonate with our team. This produced results: after a two-day retreat, our managers are energized and ready for more. We'll definitely continue to work with Liz."

-Strategic Advisor to Non-Profits

"I had the pleasure of working with Liz at Harvard Business Publishing. Of the many characteristics that stand out about Liz, I think that her continuous improvement mindset is most salient for me. Her ability to step back from the issue at hand and really help forge thinking around what really is the goal and how can we better achieve it is striking. In an age where continuous improvement is often overlooked for short term results, Liz is a breath of fresh air.”

-Director, Global Sales Planning & Learning – Harvard Business Publishing